Our Vision

We believe that creating youth groups that welcomes people with God’s abundant love and grace takes work. We have to overcome our own biases, recognize our privilege and continually forge space in which all are truly welcome. Our youth leaders, staff and adult volunteers strive for this radical welcome every week, so that all youth experience God’s love in our midst.

Make new friends and talk about what matters to us

Pray for each other and for the world

Relax and play games

Take leadership and be taken seriously


Our Vision

We believe that youth are deeply spiritual people with gifts for ministry that improve our whole church. In catechism we explore our identity and calling as followers of Jesus”

What will I be doing?

During Catechism you will ask questions, express confusion, or voice skepticism. But you will build relationships with adults who consider their own faith a work-in-progress. You will ask, “What does following Jesus look like in my life?” and accept the challenge to grow in faith and passion to serve God. You will also go on local and long-distance service-learning adventures


If you want to learn more about Catechism and when our next class begins, contact Pastor Sarah.

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Our Vision…

We believe that following Jesus always includes serving those in need. We empower our youth to serve our city and world, and we express our commitment to all youth by advocating for youth throughout Kalamazoo.



Youth serve alongside adult Faith in Action Team members. They spend time painting houses with the Vine Neighborhood Association, serving dinners for Open Doors residents; supporting Black Lives Matter, and many other projects.

They also serve through annual catechism service-learning trips and in youth-led initiatives like buying toys for Toys for Tots, spearheading clothes drives, designing post-catechism grant-funded mission projects.

FCC serves youth in the community

First Congregational supports and participates in the ISAAC youth leadership development initiatives innovating a mentorship program to help more students access the Kalamazoo Promise, and a community-wide collaboration to address homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth.

First Congregational Church UCC in Kalamazoo is a Christian community dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all. With that in mind, we have implemented a Safe Church Policy Packet.

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