Kindred of First Congregational

On behalf of the staff and leadership of our church – we are with you in prayer and spirit. I realize this note is long—but please read to the end.

The church building will remain closed throughout the month of April. This includes worship services and all campus meetings. We realize how painful and unprecedented this is – but we are called to care for one another and this is how we show love in action.

We will send an update as soon as we are able to re-open our building. We realize that this will interrupt our Holy Week services. Nevertheless, our Lord teaches that the “Sabbath was made for humans—and not humans for the Sabbath.” We are going to move our Easter Worship Services to the next nearest date when we are able to worship together again in our sanctuary.

What can I do to help my church family in this time of crisis?

Pray generously

Think of one another, imagine the Sunday faces that greet you, and pray. Pray for Saheeda. Pray for your church staff and leadership. And by the authority of Jesus Christ, pray for a swift end to this pandemic.

Give generously.

Giving is the master key that unlocks our relationships with one another and our church. Visit to give to the Deacon’s Fund, to support the work of the church in her present diaspora, or to set up online giving.

Instant Church Directory

Download the “Instant Church Directory” app from the app store and set it up on your phone.

Virtual Gathering

Set up your own Zoom account or Facebook group and host a virtual gathering! Zoom for eight! Virtual play dates! Email and she will help invite people to your group.

Call one another

Do it as soon as the thought enters your head. Perhaps the Spirit is at work and someone needs to hear your voice.

Are you tech savvy?

Can you help some of our members get connected to each other virtually? Email or call the church with your ideas! Someone from FCC’s HR or Communications Ministry Team will get back to you.

Are you a musician?

Would you consider lending your talents to worship? Contact Michael Palmer –

How can I receive spiritual support and remain connected to my church?

Worship with Us

Follow the church on Facebook and visit to subscribe to our YouTube page. Every Sunday we will share a “worship playlist” with music, preaching, hymns, and the sounds of our lovely piano and pipe organ. Recorded messages are also available for download and worship services and sermons are always available in our Sermon Archives.

Stay Connected

The church has a Zoom account and regular Bible studies and other educational opportunities are happening all the time. Check your weekly bulletin for a list of events. Subscribe to the church’s Facebook and YouTube pages and visit for updates.

Call your Deacon

Call your Deacon or return their call if they’ve been trying to connect with you. If you don’t know who your deacon is send an email to and she will connect the two of you.

Read your Bible

Pastor Nathan recommends you start with the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and then read the book of Acts. Then flip back to Isaiah. Then go on an adventure – read the books of Ruth, Jonah, and Esther. Then give Paul a shot with First and Second Corinthians. Nathan recommends the NRSV translation, but there are plenty out there. His favorite study Bible is the HarperCollins Study Bible and his favorite prayer and meditation Bible is the Life With God Bible.

Connect with Pastor Nathan

Email or call Pastor Nathan at or 269.547.9622


Set time aside to have phone and email conversations with the folks you miss. And pray boldly.

Virtual Connection Card

Please let us know how you are doing! Take a minute to send your “Virtual Connection Card” thoughts to our Director of Parish Care, by e-mailing, with your feedback:

  • On our life together
  • Prayer requests and other needs
  • Ideas you have to help us all stay connected
  • Miracles that you’d like to share
  • If you’d like to be contacted by her, one of our pastors, or a deacon.

Team Leaders

We encourage Team Leaders who are hosting virtual meetings to get their date/time information to or, so that it can be added to our online calendar and we can coordinate the meetings on Zoom.

Beloveds, our church will remain strong. She has weathered nearly two centuries of storms, we are well provisioned for the journey, and some very, very brilliant people are stepping forward to lead. “Let not your heart be troubled, do not be afraid.” Jesus is with us. And He has prepared us well for such a time as this.

In Christ,

Rev. Nathan Dannison