Hello, I am the  current moderator for 2022. I was first introduced to FCC as a tenor section leader) around 1992, eventually becoming a member in 2004  and was a moderator for FCC back in 2011.

This feeling of being at home in a spiritual setting seems to have always been with me. I think it is rather a calling and most of my other activities, even career, are there to make that possible. My natural tendency is to figure out the puzzle of the moment, whether at work like a programming code for a report, rethinking a process which seems to have less than ideal results, or right now helping the various committee and staff figure out how we can use Breeze. I love to work directly with the stakeholders to craft a solution.

 My husband Steve would call me an optimist. I understand it as an optimist grounded in the realities of the moment but not paralyzed by them.  I believe “Love is bigger than anything in its way”(U2). I believe being in right relationship with another is the soil from which all good in a community grows and sustains us in times of difficulty. I believe leadership role is not one that is walked alone, but in the company of others and with constant openness to God’s leading and in a collaborative spirit.

Lastly, as a church in the congregational tradition, we have a unique call for lay involvement and leadership, where through thoughtful process, we keep ourselves connected to another on this ship called the First Congregational of Kalamazoo, which has sailed Kalamazoo for some 185 years!  

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